Chain Link Principle

One of the most difficult things to do in a simple organic Christian community, is leave to start a new group. Yet, our mandate from the Father is to bring people into his kingdom. If we remained together and just kept getting bigger and bigger, we could fulfill the kingdom mandate but at the loss of simple community and family. How is this done to preserve the sense of family as well as reach out to others? Through the “Chain Links” Principle. Simply stated, this is where you are always in two groups, your original family community, as well as the new community you are launching. Obviously these would need to meet at different times, but there are no limits on when this happens, so it is not too difficult to plan a convenient time. Because we do not fill our schedule with traditional church meetings such as Sunday school, Sunday worship, Wednesday evening service, small group, committee meetings, etc., the time is available for two communities in a week.