Possibly a better option for a private group network is the highly functional app Heylo. The photo for this blog entry shows a screenshot of an example of the customizable icons and chat categories you can set up for your group. They can be in color or black and white. You can also do private chats one on one or set up a private group chat, for example, to plan a surprise birthday party for a group member. 

Events are a breeze to set up and you can select yes or no to send a reminder email on Sunday evening to remind the group of this weeks events. Members can post their photo and complete basic information in preset fields, but you can add up to three custom info fields to the data profile. There is also a resources page to post links to an unlimited number of resources as well as keep all group photos compiled in one place. 

Overall, it has worked much more smoothly than PrayerLincs, as well as being more customizable. The most noticeable difference is that you can read new posts immediately rather than being slowed down while PrayerLincs loads. It is also much easier to read and respond to posts. The group was virtually unanimous in preferring Heylo over PrayerLincs. 

It is currently free to use, unless you collect money from group members through the app, then they retain 10% for the platform. I like the app so well that I would be willing to pay a small monthly user fee should that ever occur.