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Restoration Movement

Briefly, we are affiliated with the Restoration Movement which is a Christian movement that began in the United States during the “Second Great Awakening” (1790-1840). The early pioneers were intent on unifying Christians under the authority of Scripture and following the pattern of the New Testament church ideals. 

Four major Christian groups that trace their heritage to the Restoration Movement include: Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Church, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and the International Church of Christ. These groups differ significantly from one another despite a common heritage. Together, the groups represent an estimated 3 million adherents in the United States plus an estimated 2-3 million outside the US. 

Some of the distinctives of the Restoration Movement of churches can be seen in some of the popular slogans present throughout their history. These include:
  • Where the Scriptures speak, we speak; where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent. 
  • The church of Jesus Christ is essentially, intentionally, and constitutionally one.
  • We are Christians only, but not the only Christians.
  • In essentials, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things love.
  • No creed but Christ, no book but the Bible, no law but love,
  • Do Bible things in Bible ways, and call Bible things by Bible names. 

The Restoration Movement has been characterized by several key principles:

  • Christians should not be divided, Christ intended the creation of one church.
  • Creeds divide, but Christians should be able to find agreement by standing on the Bible alone (all creeds are  human expansions or reductions)
  • Ecclesiastical traditions divide, but Christians should be able to find common ground by following the practice (as best as it can be determined) of the early church.
  • Names of human origin divide, Christians should be able to find common ground by using biblical names for the church (ie, Christian Church, Church of God, Church of Christ, or Assembly of God, as opposed to Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, etc.).

Relationship To The Restoration Movement (RM)

As noted above, the RM is a very diverse group and certainly not perfect. Some groups are extremely conservative, some extremely liberal. Some emphasize unity, others restoration of patterns. However, the principles and ideals of the RM form a strong foundation for uniting us in the common cause of telling the Good News that God has made a way to redeem us and restore our relationship with him through Christ. 

Each of our simple, organic, Christian communities are independent, non-creedal churches with connection to each other organically and voluntarily, and connected to the larger Restoration Movement ideologically and voluntarily. 

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